Thursday, December 15, 2011


Weird huh? I blog for years & I didnt blog for years
Things didn't change much I guess, guess the only difference is we are all getting old
Finally getting to know where we belong, where we wanna be in
Sadly, we are getting old but thats the best part, its lovely to know we are getting better
Seeing everyone is moving on with their tracks, and of course, mine too.

Realized whenever I (USED TO) feel alone and I type, I feel sad I type, yadayada
Luckily now no more, I do felt like I'm tired, lazy, but weirdly didnt feel the emptiness like before
You know why
I do feel the love you give already.
Thank you

Same thing I'll try to make you feel - my love <3
As always
As I grow old with you

1 comment:

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